Should I feel uncomfortable the things his cousin says to my boyfriend?

Should I feel uncomfortable that my boyfriends cousin says sexual remarks to my boyfriend like "do you like the way I lick the tip or nah" while she's eating a hot dog and also being so close to face like as if she's almost about to kiss him. & immediately after my boyfriend came up to me and asked if I was mad and I'm just like why would I be mad why would you even ask me that because, he knew anybody would feel uncomfortable & she asks like she likes him and it makes me very uncomfortable to stand there & hear this stuff being said & mind you this isn't the first time she has said somethings that have made me feel uncomfortable. What should I do?


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  • The fact that you're asking question about this shows that you are uncomfortable. So you should talk to his cousin and tell him that you do not appreciate those comments

    • That's what I should do but I don't want to cause drama with her.

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    • Have a concerned vibe instead of critical or angry. But be very clear about how it makes you feel
      Good luck

    • Okay that is what I will do and thanks

  • I have the same problem , but its with my boyfriend & his step sister.. They got the same mom , & different dads. She'll try & sit on his lap , up in his face. I talked to my boyfriend , he says " i dont know why she does it.." To be honest, its inbreeded? & disgusting. Try & talk to your boyfriend. & His sister is just werid , she"ll sit here & try have a conv. Bout our sex life & his area. Very werid.

    • How did your boyfriend react when you told him how you felt? & that is very uncomfortsble and really awkward to talk about that with his step sister around,

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