What should I do for my one year anniversary?

This is my longest relationship. I know my boyfriend is going to go all out. He went over the top for Valentine's Day and out first date and hinted he's gonna go all out because he thinks I deserve it. I want to get him something special and over the top without spending all my paycheck haha. He loves comics and super heros. He is 23 but doesn't drink. He is a mech major and is hands on. He loves SciFi and leather bound books. I was thinking of getting him a 6 foot framed poster of all the marvel characters, a leather bound copy of Edgar Allan Poe, and a jar or box (nice one) filled with 365 things I love about him, and maybe a little something for when we're home alone ;). What do you think? Too much, not enough, welcome to all ideas. Please and thank you!

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  • I like your ideasa lot. Just to throw out something else, my gf did this for out anniversary... She blindfolded me and took me into her basement (private) and I heard her changing. When she took off my blindfold, she was in a cute little dress and she had set up a little romantic dinner. She had candles and fancy plates and even set up her iPad playing smooth jazz with a video of a fire place. Haha she also fed me chicken nuggets cuz she can't cook. but it was super cute and romantic and I loved it! You could think of doing something along these lines. And/or you could dress up as a shmexy super hero he likes and surprise him

    • I actually did something similar for Valentine's haha

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  • The only part I think might be a little too much is the superhero cutouts. Maybe you could only get one or two. Then you can get him another one each anniversary or special occasion. But its up to you:)

    • It's more like one whole poster with all the marvel characters in it

    • Ohh! I imagined like a cardboard cut out. nevermind what I said:)

  • That sounds so thoughtful! In addition to that, get him a gag gift like "hulk sized condoms" or something to make him laugh and boost his self esteem.

    • Haha! That'd be great