Should I feel like this?

So my girlfriend likes to be social and what not. Thats good for her I do too but not 24/7. Any who It kinda both me, Like when I come to visit I want to spend time with her. Like the other weekend when I came, on Sunday we just bummed around and watched movies on tv. And she was busy texting way, later she was kinda up set that all we did was sit around and that I didn't sit with her on the couch. Granted I was watching tv first before she came out of the room and I was in a chair. Like I think it both me because she is busy texting her guy friends. like yeah thats fine but come on, like if we are watching a movie like do you really need to start a conversation with someone? I haven't told her how I feel about this. Like the other day I asked if I could come visit her this weekend, we go to school 3 hours apart. She was like I prefer not because i have a lot of school work, I understand that completely. But she said please don't be mad or upset. I just said its okay I just wanted to see you as much as I can before spring break because she is going away that week and I will only get to see her for like an afternoon or at most a day. And we like like 15 mins away from each other back home. I feel like I'm kinda jealous and angry at the same time normal feelings?


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    Second, it's okay to be a little jealous, you love ER and want to spend time with her and that's understandable. You do need to talk to her about it but do it when you feel level headed. Bringing it up when you're upset will make you seem way more jealous than you are.

    Try having a "tech free" day, where you and her go out without phones or TV and just enjoy each other's company, see a movie, take a walk down town-- something that wouldn't require a device of any sort.

    • HA yeah after I read that I realized that I used used like way too much and sounded like a 12 year old girl.

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