This girl was using me how do I respond to this?

I knew this girl for two years. We were friends for one year and then started dating. We kissed one date and it went badly from there. She mentioned to a mutual friend that she was going to keep me as an option as she dated other dudes until I become a doctor. She started to see another guy as she kept making sure I was interested. she's basically a golddigger.

Our friend (thankfully) betrayed her and told me. Its been 5 months that I have blocked her from everything except messaging. For the first time she messaged me asking for forgiveness and to start over. She said she gave me space and wants me back. What should I do? I am afraid if I speak to her I will go off on her and get nasty. We live in a close community but Inever want to speak to/hear/see her again?

What should I do?

I haven't been responding to any of her messages just reading them. It says seen o the bottom when I read them but I do not respond.


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  • Man. Who gives a shit. She's using you. Don't be a bitch.

    Show her that you lost interest. Show her that you're starting to get interested in other girls.

    • Im not the most socially confident guy and she's kind of an instagram star so its hard for me to show that other girls are interested in me/im interested in other girls

    • Start off slow. When she's around, smile while you fake whatsapp. She'll be curious and ask, don't show her. Even if it's fake. Delete her from Facebook or instagram. Lie about the girl you met. If you really want to piss her off. Put your phone on silence and pretend like you're talking to that girl in private.

      I did this on a girl who tried to put me in her pocket, and it drove her nuts when I showed her that I am not interested in her and I had found some one else more interesting even though I had found no one at that time.

      Or you can avoid all that, and tell her it is over.

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  • Do you want to turn the tables on her? If you do, you can take her back and promise her the world. She'll stay with you for a bit, and when you find something better, and you will because you're going to be a doctor, dump that Bitch!!!

    • I dont want to see her anymore. She is more experienced at this so I dont want too much entanglement. I just want her to feel bad and to make her feel below me. Then I want to be done with her.

    • She is below you; that's why she's a gold digger. If you don't want to see her anymore, you can tell her or continue to ignore her.

  • Do what you want with her, just remember never to get serious.