How to get over an obsession? why do I like this guy so much?

I think I am obsessed with this guy. I don't stalk him or anything creepy like that.. but I made the mistake of rejected him 3 years ago and there hasn't been a day he hasn't been on my mind since. We used to go to college together and we would run into each other all the time and all we exchanged was glances. I used to cry at night becaue I wanted him so bad and even now the though of him makes me depressed and I really don't think that's normal.

What is this? How do I get rid of it?


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  • How did you reject him?
    You may still be able to come back from this. If you are in college, then the odds are higher for you two to get together.

    I've been in a similar situation as you also.

    • Basically stopped talking to him and started avoiding him when i saw him..

    • we don't live in the same city anymore he moved so it's impossible i just need a way to get over him

    • Oh okay. Well that sucks a lot then. Why did you reject him in the first place lol

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  • I think you should try to distract yourself with other things, such as hobbies, joining a team of some sort, or perhaps online dating. Actually, online dating does usually help as 40% of married couples met online. If none of these ideas do help, (which they probably will) I suggest you should try to seek help from a therapist/psychologist to receive some sort of closure to help you move on.

  • You are having guilty concience for rejecting him. Talk to him, and tell him you were so wrong.

    • It's been 3 years.. I have ignored him for 3 years and we have stopped talking even when we were in the same room. I can't say anything to him now after both of us have acted like strangers it's just weird. i need another way.

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    • Excellent. Next time you look, smile. YOU have to smile. He thinks you don't like him. A smile (More than once) will have him thinking.

      Do what I am telling you. You'll come back and thank me.

    • He's in a different city now i don't think this plan will work lol :( i probably will never run into him again

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