Why does he react this way around me?

A male buddy of mine who's protective of me and who cares about me always seems to breathe heavily and scratch his head when he's sitting beside me, also his pupils are always dilated as well... also is protective of what kinds of pants I'm wearing - always tells me I'm wearing leggings but doesn't say that to his other female friends...

Is he turned on or attracted to me? and why is he protective of what I wear?

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  • He wants to date you, period. Dilation of the pupils is the clearest sign anybody could ask for, and can't be faked.


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  • I would say there is attraction there.

    I personally think that any girl/guy friendship has some level of attraction hidden somewhere. The quality you enjoy about the other person is a quality you are subconsciously drawn to and given time very well could turn into feelings for them.

    I think a large portion of guys who are friends with a girl, are secretly harboring an expectation that something could develop between the two of them at some point in the future.

  • Yep, sounds like he likes you.


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