How do I go about exploring a possible relationship and still remain friends if she's not interested?

I've been somewhat "seeing" this girl I like--and by that I mean we went out for coffee, did dinner on a whim, went on a nice hike up a mountain and text each other a couple of times a week. She's somewhat seeing her ex-boyfriend on occassion, but told me she doesn't feel she wants to get back together with him. I said to her (keeping my success dance internalized) that if she decides to, then she should be gentle about it and leave on a positive rather than a negative. Last time I spoke to her in person she agreed "I'll call you." and then I messaged her two days later that we should get a drink at a bar downtown (she's mentioned she wanted to get a beer together before). What would be the best way to go about keeping in touch and developing something more intimate but still remaining good friends if it doesn't work out?


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  • You just take a chance, you can't guarantee that you will remain friends if an intimate relationship doesn't work.


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