Is our relationship only physical?

So I've been dating this wonderful girl for about 3-4 weeks and almost every Tuesday and Thursday when my house is empty she comes over and we go to my room and we get intimate, at first we'd just make out on my bed but now it's escalated to oral and whatnot. We still hang out other places and go on dates and everything but every time we try to chill by ourselves it usually just ends up with us getting super intimate. Do you think our relationship is only about the physical or is it something more like both of us want?

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  • I don't think its just physical.
    I have a friend and always we meet we end up having sex. I dont have strong feelings for him, cause its so so dificult for me to get them since I was hurrted really bad, but anyway, I know its not just physical. Neither for me nor him.


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