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Please help anybody if u know how to deal with this?

I'm in love with this girl & i will do anything just to be with her & make her feeling safe & she will do the same thing to me for sure i know that , so ì decided to take it to the next level i've proposed yesterday in front all of people in the restaurant that we were in , she said yes ofcourse but my family & her family didn't accepted , my dad is saying no u can't marrie this girl cuz we r circassian & she's too actually but her mother is arabian so the reason of the rejection from my side is bec of her mother nationality , the rejection from her family was that im nice & gentle & from a nice family but I'm not for her ! Y they didn't admit It... my dad said to me if u married her im not ur father anymore my mom is with me but she don't have any decision without my dad she said ur dad decision is mine so I can't do any thing...
im thinking about take'n her & runaway with each other but if there's another way please tell me...
Please if anybody knows how to deal with this please help.
Please help anybody if u know how to deal with this?
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