Please help anybody if u know how to deal with this?

I'm in love with this girl & i will do anything just to be with her & make her feeling safe & she will do the same thing to me for sure i know that , so ì decided to take it to the next level i've proposed yesterday in front all of people in the restaurant that we were in , she said yes ofcourse but my family & her family didn't accepted , my dad is saying no u can't marrie this girl cuz we r circassian & she's too actually but her mother is arabian so the reason of the rejection from my side is bec of her mother nationality , the rejection from her family was that im nice & gentle & from a nice family but I'm not for her ! Y they didn't admit It... my dad said to me if u married her im not ur father anymore my mom is with me but she don't have any decision without my dad she said ur dad decision is mine so I can't do any thing...
im thinking about take'n her & runaway with each other but if there's another way please tell me...
Please if anybody knows how to deal with this please help.


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  • If you can make it on your own, you two should go for it. Get married and move in together. If you know she is the one, then nothing anyone says will matter, because you will be miserable without each other. That's love.
    I don't get at all why her family doesn't like the idea, maybe it's because they know your dad is against it and they might feel like they are be judged or that your dad is treating her like she's not good enough or something and it's an honor/pride thing? I'm sure if you told him, you din't share your dad's opinion and you love her more than anything they will eventually come around... but then you'd risk your relationship with your father.
    I think you need to talk to your dad first, and really be persistent and make your case. Make sure to keep it about you, and what's best for you and not let it become something about them. Maybe mention that arranged marriages aren't the norm anymore, and that he has to trust your choices?

    It's such a difficult situation, but i wish you the best of luck and will pray for the best:)


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  • Wow that's a really tough situation to be in, I'm sorry to hear that. Honestly, I'm not so sure what the right thing to do in this situation would be, but I suppose that you should try to talk to your parents and her parents again.

    • Actually I've tried but her family won't c me or talk to me I've tried to get to her dad office but he dismissed me & im really upset from that

    • That's awful, I don't know what else you can do

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  • Rent mercedes next time when you go to her home I think her mother will agree

    I think her mother want someone rich maybe

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