So here's the deal... after having awesome 2 dates and our first kiss on our second date, we got closer to each other and obviously really like oneanother. We chat daily and talk about lots of things. We even have the right chemistry, I suppose. But, this couple days he's insisting me to come to his house tomorrow evening since he'll be alone at home.. Even after I told him I'd be away till evening, he insisted and really wanted me to come... Long story, let's make it short: He almost didn't want to stop asking till I'd say yes...

Could you guys tell me what that was? Does he really want to spent time with me like "friends". I mean you know, not having sex or doing anything which I wouldn't want to, since we just know each other for 3 weeks... ?

Pls help me. Suggestions are highly appreciated! :)


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  • Maybe he wants sex, maybe he just wants to spend the evening with you, cuddling, kissing, watching a movie... without sex. You won't know until you go, and if he wants sex, but you don't, just say it, he'll understand, and if he doesn't, you know where the door's at.


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  • This is really aggressive invitation in some cases work. If you know him for only 3 weeks I (think im girl) would see him in my house or his parents see me with her boy when I enter their house.

    • that's just what I thought... Let's see what will happen next... cause he can be the sweetest guy in the whole world and than all of a sudden he does that...

    • Recognizing players is really hard.

  • The answer is simple, if you trust him go. If you don't simply make an excuse and stay at home. But you should know that guys often have the idea of having sex in their mind.

    • really? that kind of freaks me out... but thanks anyway

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  • He wants sex or at least fondling.

    • in worst case he will rape her

    • I don't recommend her going. Considering he pretty much pressured her to accept. He could also pressure sex.

    • thanks, you guys are a great help :)

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