What do guys think of girls being "themselves"?

Whats your opinion on girls who are themselves? By this I mean... girls that aren't "perfect".

Could you love a girl who has a rather loud and weird laugh?
What about if they burped/pumped around you?

Does the whole personality over looks actually exsist... because I've seen many relationships happen because of looks and then guys see the girls with the better looks act "perfect ". Surely guys can't think that because of their gender they are the only ones who can burp and what not...


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  • I personally wouldn't mind it

  • Burped around me no no no unless it happen accedently and she felt embarrased no pro

    if she do it for fun in a date specialy in first date I would throw a cup of water on her

    • What if you were dating for a long time?

      What if she needed to burp and knew it was going to happen but still burped?

    • If she need to do it she must go far from me or toilet

      unless it happened accedently beside me I dont mind if accedently we r humans

      If we're dating for long time and she do it for fun I will ask her dont do it again its not funny

      If in first 2-3 dates sorry I will throw water on her I feel disrespect

      But that's me only

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