Is an inexperienced shy girl still sexy?

To further explain I had a boyfriend back in 7th grade and holding hands was a milestone. You hear things about how she's good in bed or she is a good kisser and you realize you have never experienced any of this. Is a shy, inexperienced girl still considered sexy even if her kissing may be sloppy and her head not the best?
of course we have all read smut books and know how sex works, just lacking personal experience.


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  • Yeah, I don't really care how experienced she is, as long as her feelings for me a real.
    Experience is gained, and it's actually good that her experienced is gained from me, like it creates more of a connection between us.

    • Thats what I was thinking, the girl learns just what her partner likes

    • Exactly, it's more intimate.
      Really don't worry about it.

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  • Many guys like shy, inexperienced girls, but I'm not one of them.

    • I suppose it is a trait like eye color or hair. But in the end a girl can still learn and end up being your dream girl hmm?

    • Well my dream girl is one that is confident, assertive, and outgoing.

      I'm shy myself, and getting with another shy person makes it more difficult for me to keep a conversation going. If a woman doesn't take things seriously and has a clearly open mind to the point I can talk about sex, politics, spirituality, and life ambitions comfortably with her then that would be closer do what I desire in a woman though.

  • i think its cute.. cuz im a shy inexperienced guy... so we lose it together...

    • I've stressed over this forever haha. Being 19 my friends tell me not to worry but they slept with half the sports teams.

    • trust me as a guy its a double standard.

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