I'm going to see a girl I like thats sick to see how she's doing?

What do I do to show that I care for her and get on her good side? I already offered to get her soup, tablets, and drinks for hydration and stuff but she already got that.


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  • How about bringing a video and watcing a movie together? Or just being there to give her some company :)

    • well i told her I have plans for dinner to make her feel comfortable so i only plan on staying 10-15 minutes unless it goes great. But she's a good person so i doubt she'll allow me to stay long cuz she's sick

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    • i was planning on going there, I have to explain to her a project where working on but before we get to business I want to ask her how she's doing, how her trip was things like that and if she needs anything.

    • that sounds like a good idea I think you know what to do, good luck!

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