Why do woman play games?

Playing hard to get , blocking u on Facebook.. She's done it in the past. Should I ignore her a week. Act like it doesn't bother me


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  • Sorry but seems like something I would do when I get psycho pissed off. Ignore it, when I do that shit it pisses me off when the guy ignores me but ultimately I knock it off and become appreciative for the guy who stuck with being my actual friend when I was being a total bitch.

    • Maybe it's me being friends with models on Facebook. This girl that has a crush on me use to model

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    • She was plaining to come and see me. This year

    • she basicaly wants to give you a reason to kiss her ass because she really wants you to be affectionate, that would be my guess and I've done similar things

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  • They play these games because they like you giving them attention. She sounds like an attention whore.