Should I take a leap of faith? I need advice?

this guy is into me, but im trying to move on from a guy i had never dated but would be dating right now if he didn't have to move away for the semester (lets call him Bob). we had mad chemistry and it was intense from day one. we were perfect for each other, and i fell in love with him in such a short period of time and i think he was falling for me too but wouldn't admit it cuz he was scared, but since he was leaving we chose to not pursue anything and try and forget about each other and that we will see where were both at in April.

here's where im struggling
- i know i need to move on and im working hard at it believe me i am, but i can't help but compare everyone to bob. like what if i dont feel chemistry with this other guy right away? i can't help but compare everything about a guy to bob including looks, personality, compatability, etc. and i know its not fair to this other guy, so how do i give him a fair shot?
- im also worried that if this other guy and i start dating and bob reaches out to me when he comes home. im not sure what ill do cuz deep down i want to be with bob so much, but its not fair to this other guy right?
- im also worried that if bob sees that I've moved on, he wil never pursue me.

please help me here. i know the obvious thing is to move on and give this other guy a shot (which im fine with doing), but how do i stop myself from comparing everyone to bob and how do i stop what iffing everything

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  • Focus on Red

    • huh?

    • That 70's show? Anyways you should try focusing on the other guy and learn how to like him. I think its selfesh that you want to be with somebody just for the purpose of not being alone. (That's what it seems) its either go out with or wait for bob. Be Mitch or kitty. Js

    • im not just looking for someone to tide me over. i want a relationship. I've gone 23 years without being in one and i feel ready to give one a shot. its more a matter of me allowing myself to move on and to not let the other guy affect my decision.

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