Does anyone know my n? ew white boyfriend kyle wayne goodson?

My friend kelly is trying too steal my new boyfriend from me. could she be tryingg too have sex with him just like what her sister is doing too him. they said she's going too hurt kyle how could she hurt him n betray him


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  • Yes, I know Kyle. He is already sleeping with Kelly, she went to his place with a robe on and nothing under it. Basically smothered his ass when he opened the door, you better go smack dat bitch.

    • Y did kyle text me saying he's n love with me how does kyle know I'm pregnant

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    • Does kyle know I'm going too fight him

    • This is getting old. Deuces

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  • Yeah you're right that would be really bad. I don't know Kyle, but I bet there are a lot of GAGers here that do.

  • I don't know ask Kenny oh but somebody killed him :/


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