Getting back into dating?

Was in a relationship for 4 years with who I thought was going to be my wife, but unfortunately she was cheating on me with trash and she got a std from it anyways...

I'm 23, 5'7, athletic, I have half sleeves (tattoos), full time job, full time schooling and own place/car. I have some what of social anxiety, so it's hard for me to approach a girl but I can muster up the courage, but where do I find single girls, how do I flirt (ha), and I want to steer away from online dating any help will be appreciated

Here's me off of anonymous. I don't want to get around, just find that one sweet girl and just casually date


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  • Haha I can somewhat relate, I feel after a period time of being with someone you forget how to flirt, or it just seems awkward when you try. I think you just have to get back out there go out with friends, dating can be extremely fun, I doubt you want a relationship right away, so play your cards but don't be a player, have confidence because you sound lovely, just because you've been cheated on doesn't mean you don't deserve happiness, what others do to you doesn't reflect the person that you are.


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