Does she not love me like she says?

I been dating this girl for 4 months. from the beggining I celt that she wasn't into me that much but I was determine to make her fall in love with me. As time as passed by I liked her even more and she even says that she loves me. She has never had a boyfriend before. I have had girlfriends and things were different with her because she hadn't had a boyfriend so she didn't know how to act in certain things. Well we been. Together for almost 5 month now and everytime we go out I have to planned everything, at the begging I figured that since she hadn't had a bf she didn't know what to do but its almost 5 month and nothing I have brought her over to my house and everything, I met her parent because we went out to eat but I have never been to her house and it's little things that I feel if you lived something you would make plans with that person or bring them home to watch a movie or something. I feel that she doesn't love me the way she says she does. I don't know what to do, something she acts strange and it annoys me I tell her when I feel that she is acting strange. I feel that I gave her enough time. I feel like breaking up with her. What do you guys think?


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  • tell her these things. don't just expect her to change. if it's important to you then tou should be sharing it with her.


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  • she may be embarrassed by her family..

    • this. or there may be drama within her family that she doesn't want you to see.

    • thats true as well.

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  • u should brake up