This week he doesn't message back like before... BUT the thing is... take a peep at the details.. am I over thinking?

Hey all, so I'm trying to figure out if I'm reading too much into this.

Recently started dating a guy. For months we been texting each other a lot everyday, For a few weeks now, I started to cut down on my msgs because I started to feel a little overwhelm because I don't want to get bored with the back and forth texting and especially dont want him to get bored either. But regardless he'd always respond with interest.

However, that has dramatically changed in the last week. He reads but doesn't respond to my message like 90% of the time, when I double prompt him for a response, thats only when he responds and says something quick like, sorry busy at work.

When I send a message after work hours he doesn't respond. the only time he made an excellent effort to text me this week was when I asked if our plans are still on for next weekend (sleeping over for a few weeks), he made a tremendous effort to give details and get details for our plans. But after that today its back to no response, unless I prompt a response and I don't like doing that. Should I feel like he's losing interest or am I over thinking it?

He was definitely questioning his feelings after realizing he may like another girl. He just eventually told me what was really going on, I did not bring it up at all... he basically said he realize he cared more about us. Interesting huh?
This episode played out over a 9 day period... so if you do sense something different... my advice, something is up.


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  • Personally, I never chat over text or even talk on the phone for romantic purposes unless there's a good reason, like I'm going to be out of state for a week and can't make it back for an in-person interaction. The phone is for setting dates and for emergency communication when it comes to romantic relationships.

    If my girlfriend texts me just to say hi or ask how my day is then I might text back and forth with her two or three times and end it telling her to have a great day and that I'm looking forward to see her. I don't have a conversation, I just let her know I'm thinking about her, which is all she really wants most of the time anyway.

    It is rude of him to ignore your texts, unless you're texting him numerous times a day in which case you probably should back off a bit. Maybe a lot. A guy (should) know that when a woman contacts you it's because she wants to see you, so if he's he wants to see you too he'll schedule a date and if he doesn't he won't.

    As a general rule, if someone seems to be losing interest in the relationship the best thing to do is back off and let them miss you. If someone knows what you're doing all the time because you're texting them all the time, they don't ever have time to miss you and stop and think about you, which will make them miss you even more.

    If he is losing interest, contacting him more will not change his mind, but if you guys have future plans together than I wouldn't worry. If he stops planning times to see you that's when you really need to be worried.

    • Thanks so much. Yes we have plans but even though he showed a tremendous amount of interest down to the fine details I definitely will be backing off still. Agreed.

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  • Try not texting him for a few days, and see what happens. Wait 3 or 4 days and send him absolutely nothing, this will get him texting you again, guaranteed! if not, then when you see him next time, ask "whats up with the way you've been texting me lately?" if he cares enough about you, he will explain why, and if he doesn't, then move on, you dont deserve the mind games, you can do better, and will find a guy that gives you peace of mind!