Has he lost interest?

I started seeing this guy for more than two months now but he had to go away for work for the last month we have always been in contact since we meet but the last 6 days he pretty much hasn't text or said anything to me. The last thing I sent him was a pic but he didn't say anything.

I don't know if his lost interest or what's going on. Its he last week there so I don't know if his busy or he is just blanking me.

I keep going on to my fb to see if he deleted me but he hasn't. Should I talk to him or just leave it?


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  • try to talk to him and if he doesn't sound interested then better leave him

  • If he didn't respond to you're picture just wait it out and see if he writes

    • I sent him the pic three days ago he checked it but nothing so I think I will be needing a miracle if he is going to text me now.

    • The guy I'm talking to has done that before.. And he'll text a week or a week and half after lol. He may just be busy. Do y'all know each other? Have y'all met?