So I looked in my bf phone?

I have never looked through a boyfriends phone but my last relationship I was engaged and I was cheated on so my current boyfriend left his phone in my car and it kept going off so I looked at it. These girl been texting him and he's been texting them too but I know he's not hanging out with them because he is with me like 24/7 so its really just him talking to them which I'm not ok with and I also saw where he was texting his ex and stuff and I really want us to be together but I don't know if its healthy for me to keep this relationship going with him doing what he does. Should I just cut it off now or what. And guys would u text other girls if you were into the girl your with? I've been with him for 5 months now...

  • he dont love me
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  • he wants attention from others
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  • he's actually cheating
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Where is the you should talk to him about it option?

    Also to begin with your relationship doesn't sound healthy. You say you guys are together 24/7 and you have been dating for 5 months you should not be glued to each other you need time apart. Not to mention you went through his phone! To me you sound a little insecure/clingy. Also he has a right to talk with someone of another gender if you say he can't you are just being a controlling gf. He needs space away from you, you cannot provide him with all of his social needs.

    It sounds like you guys have a lot to talk about from your insecurities to him talking to other females.


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What Guys Said 2

  • whatever happened what you did was WRONG

    we're not allowed to snoop in sombody's else phone without his/her permission... it's personal.

    you're the one who should apologize.

  • if he's with your 24/7 how can his dick be anywhere else expect in yours. there is nothing wrong with talking to other girls... what did the message say "oh you were good last night" if its something like that be on the look out, if not, its no big deal.

    if u really wanna make it a big deal confront him...


What Girls Said 3

  • I think that you should end the relationship. It's very apparent that he is wanting to see other girls, especially if he is texting his ex girlfriend that he wants them to be together. You deserve somebody who wants to be with you versus somebody who is talking to many other girls. It's up to you if you want to come clean about looking through his phone... I'm a believer in karma and would fess up to this when you break it off.

  • He's just enjoying the attention he's getting.

  • You should be talking to him about this instead of snooping. You can't use your past as an excuse to distrust every guy you date. I've been cheated on as well, but I would never go through my boyfriends phone without consent. After I was cheated on, I took a break from dating and I learned to work on my communication skills. Now if I feel uncomfortable (and I have) I instantly bring it up. We talk to each other often.