Am I smothering him?

So this guy and I have been hanging out for a while. We have classes together, sit together, go to lunch together and cuddle in my room between class. In essence, we spend A LOT of time together. During class we are always touching legs and well occasionally rub each other's leg or arm and when we cuddle, sometimes I am completely on top of him. Also I hold his arm when we walk to class.
I feel like I might be smothering him by touching him so much but if I cut back I think he might take that as a sign that I'm not interested in him anymore. We have made progress toward dating which is another story but I'm just not sure if I am doing too much.
Today he joked that I am always touching himso I'm not sure if he was complaining or not. I mean he does initiate stuff sometimes too, but I feel like I do more often. What can I do because I really like him and don't want to push him away?


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  • Umm just take it easy
    I'd say you can talk to him if he's not comfortable with all this
    Don't tell him that you do all this because you like him so much
    Or if not talk about this
    Keep it cool
    For some days try to reduce not juat totally stop but a bit less you know
    And see the reaction
    If he's bothered about it and/or asks you something about it it's a positive sign I'd say :)

    • Thanks. I ask him occasionally why he lets me just lay on top of him and he's just like "I don't mind" but I'm not sure if I do it too much

    • Seems It's fine
      If he didn't like it
      He would have told you somehow or the other :)

    • Ok. I'm still probably going to talk to him on Monday and ask if I am annoying him at all. I don't want there to be any problems between us

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