Do I have to act more confident for girls to be interested in me?

I am confident in who I am but want someone who wants me as well. I'm not necessarily confident in someone wanting to date me but do I have to act like it? Is that the only way a girl will like me. Can I just try to spend time with someone and end up with both of us falling in love. I have no problem asking to spend time with someone but lack of dating confidence prevents from revealing my feelings for them. If I spend time with someone more often could they start to like me? If they did start to like me would most girls let it show?


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  • Confidence is a really hard thing to fake. in my opinion. Dont think of it to be just more attractive to the opposite sex, but rather that its gonna help you out in a lot of things in life. And no I don't think its the only way a girl will like you. But showing that you truly love yourself really is attractive. Its also important to have that in yourself before ever getting into a relationship in case things go sour. Because you shouldn't just gain your confidence from someones else cause it can be fleeting. Having confidence in a relationship just makes things much more healthy for you and the partner. And yes they could, and most girls would but also depends on the girl. Hope this helped, peace and love to you!

    • I have confidence in myself and wouldn't chance who I am. I like who I am. I'm just not aggressive in dint want to convince or persuade someone to like me. I just want to spend time with someone and we end liking each other. I feel like if I have to learn how to act different I'm not being me. I'm fine with the idea of me being myself and having confidence in that respect. But I don't want to have to approach people like I'm someone other than me.

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  • No you have to BE more confident