My best friend broke up with his girlfriend, (random girl, not a friend of mine) and is acting weird around me now. What should I do now?

We've been friends for a year now. We joke-fight all day, every day, he won't leave me alone a second, and is also very kind.
He'd never make it easy to have any sort of phisical contact, -like really not even friendly hugging- but ever since they broke up, he huggs me every chance he gets, carries my backpack for me when it is too heavy... You know that sort of things.
First of all, I'm not sure if this is serius or what. Second, I'm not crazy about the idea of ruining our friendship ober this kind of thing. Third, what if he is only heart broken and wants to get his ex over with someone else?
I'm soooooo confused, please help!


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  • Well when he was taken it probably wasn't appropriate to be hugging up some other girl... So that's normal. If you like him, just tell him.