Describe your perfect girlfriend?

I want to be the best girlfriend to my boyfriend that I can be. Help me out.


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  • The person that knows what the best girlfriend for your boyfriend is like is your boyfriend, nobody else (even their friends don't know)

    MY perfect girlfriend is short or medium height, straight or slightly curled brown or black hair, hispanic or Asian (but i like some blondes too), regular shape or thin, small to medium breasts and ass (i don't care that much about size as long as it isn't huge) and has to have a cute face, smile or eyes

    And in personality she is a good girl, fun to be with, romantic, cute, intelligent, a little shy or a little extroverted (not too much), she doesn't like to get into trouble, she doesn't do drugs, smoke or get wasted, a little sexual but not too much, sweet and with goals


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  • I Don't have a dream/perfect girl (#^ ^#) Especially since I realise that most people WANT this, when they need THAT in a woman BUT in the end, they're going to get something completely different from what they expected

    Hope that made sense ^^


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