How do I get over a crush?

I've had a crush on this guy at work for a while and the past couple of months it's getting worse! I can't stop thinking about him! During the day I think of him and at night I also think about and fantasise about him. I don't want to be obsessive over him but I can't get him out of my head! I know that if we didn't work in the same office we would probably just hook up but I don't want to hook up with anyone at work. So how do I get over it? There's no guy I want more right now lol.


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  • I know how that feels and if you don't do anything about it's only gonna get worse. in my opinion you should tell him your feelings, you can't live like that forever. What if he also likes you?

    • I'm pretty sure he's not interested. I mean I've seen him checking me out before but that doesn't mean he's interested in actually doing anything. He doesn't really show that he's interested in any other way.

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  • Well I can't help you... I've had a crush on this girl since I was 10. I don't think I'm getting over that anytime soon...

    • That sucks! Who is she?

    • A friend now. I'm putting an end to it this year though. I'm either going to ask her out. Or tell her how I feel or both. But I can't do this anymore. Wish me luck.

  • you have I mean you HAVE to tell him

    • Why would I tell him? There's too much at stake. If he told everyone at work I would just die! I just want to get over it.

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    • Well you are unlikely to get over it until you have a one night stand with him and then you can dump his ass and tell everyone at work he wasn't any good. That will get rid of your crush quickly and win the war on the gossip front before he can even start it.

    • try to meet someone else you might end up liking him, this will help you get over your crush

  • I know how you feel. Because right now I feel like a shi*. I was out with girl. I know her for about 4 weeks and I really like her, it was super cool with her. But I've made mistake I was moving to fast. I just can't explain I never felt so bad because of girl I've met in 4 weeks. :/


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