Is she interested?

Hello everybody, this is my first question on this site.

Probably this kind of question is asked a lot, my conclusion is that she isn't interested but would help to see the situation with different pair of eyes?

It goes like this: me and this girl were dating, actually we have been on dates on three occasion and I receive mixed signals, like closed body language or she is playing with her hair and smiles, holding my gaze, etc.

However it was difficult to break the touch barrier with her closed body language, at the last date I tried to give her a hug for good night, it was something like half of a hug and tried to arrange for a next meeting on the spot but she was telling something about busy schedule and we remain that we talk later that week.

On Wednesday and Thursday I text here to see what she is doing for the night, seemed busy. For Friday I called here and she was having plans with her female friends, she invited me also but I said no and that is it.

Am I being unpolite expecting here to see me on such a short notice, she haven't done a counter offer. So that is it...

Would love to know others opinion on this.

I now realize that my approach was not the best and infatuation go me, will give it another try and see how she responds. I hope can update the response here after the fact ( don't know how to find my question ).


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  • I think if she was smiling and eye contact is a good sign. The negative signs you are getting could just be shyness or awkwardness (she may not have dated many guys). Maybe just go get to know each other and take your time with the touching and she might relax a little. I don't think it is unpolite at short notice but she is more likely to have other plans at short notice. Try something with more notice and/or just ask her when she is free "this week". If you could get a few more dates with her you will get a better feel of whether it is going anywhere.


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  • Yes, she's interested in you. She wouldn't have gone out with you or invited you places if she didn't.

    I'm guessing you feel rejected because she had plans on those days and that's messing up with your psyche.

    I suggest next time you say: Hey___ How's your week looking?
    That way she can tell when she's free, instead of you asking day by day and getting rejected.