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One of my older friends says that most of her relationships which have all been with men always end quickly, and I think she has been picking up the hints that I like her and she also try to not talk about her boyfriend around me who she thinks she is gonna have a break up with soon again. I invited her to church and she said she would go sometime but its been a few weeks and I get that she is busy and all that but is she just being nice? We hug often and I really care about her a lot and she probly knows it too.

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Before I asked her to church she mentioned looking for a church to go that was chirstan and that is what led me to invite her?


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  • I think you should wait and see. Its really too hard to tell right now and beside she has a bf right now at least wait til they break up.

    • OK thanks for the advice

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  • she dont like god

    • Before I even invited her she mentioned looking forma Christian church to go to and she also said she prays a whole lot.

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    • Oh yeah I see your point, I think maybe she is just a bit lonely.

    • me too

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  • She probably doesn't like church.

    • She told me she used to go to a Baptist Church with her ex husband many years ago but stopped when they got divorced and she said she was looking for a new church and that's why I invited her to church.

    • Oh ok. Then she may be busy.

    • @asker

      whoa whoa whoa back up here how old is she and how old are you?