How to get him to see me in a different light?

We've been friends (he initiated it) for about 6 months. He had a gf which he broke up with last week. And I'm not sure what I feel for him :/ . Because he had a gf I just behaved like a friend.

thought I wondered if it was possible to get that spark. like for him not to see me as just a friend. Give the possibilty that their could be something more in it. I haven't seen him since the break up but I will next week.

Any ideas?


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  • Just flirt, be extra nice, make body contact.

    • yeah Imma be nicer to him :)
      Flirting I'm not sure how to :P He is a really outgoing touchy kind of guy. Like he doesn't care if he is touching me, so me touching him would be normal to him I guess?

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    • Haha don't worry, blushing helps. It's like an extra hint for him to notice and it's totally adorable haha

    • haha, okay :D

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  • You want him to see you in a different light? Change the light bulb. :)
    Ask him out. See what happens

    • hahaha, yeah lol, and asking him out isn't really an option at the moment. (really long story) also I think it would be too direct, no? I mean we were just friends and then after he breaks up bam, you wanna date? I was thinking more of showing him I could be girlfriend material, I don't want to be friendzoned for ever :p I just don't know how...

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    • Lol go for it!! Who cares? They won't luck on you about it forever. Ask him when it's just you and him. Ask him quietly. If you're that good of friends he won't go blabbing his mouth ;)

    • aaah, oh god I don't know sorry, that's just too... I can't do that. I'm sorry lol, that's too scary... like I said if I somewhat knew if he liked me like that I would feel more confident... pff sorry but thanks for the advice ( I know that is the best way to know, but still...) soooo insecure :s

  • What light do you want him to see you in? I prefer the 5 star energy bulbs. They're efficient and saves electricity and bills. ;)

    • haha damn I should've put it another way... hmm don't you guys say that? Seing somebody in a different light? lolz well English isn't my native language :P but for real no other thoughts on the subject? :P

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    • hahaha à la kindergarden style :P yeah I don't want to suddenly replace her, that would be cruel. I think I'm just gonna be nice and caring for know (and use the 5 star energy bulb ofcourse :p) thanks ;)

    • You're efficiently welcome! ;)

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