Most romantic experience you've had or wish to have? Girls and guys welcome to answer. ?

What's the most romantic thing that's happen to you? Could be a date.. Sex.. Everyday life...

I just wonder for future reference and to make my relationship more romantic.


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  • showering with my bf.. and then straight to bed.. slept next to him and woke up next to him during the night to find him crushed into me... that was sooo sweet :')


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  • Personally... I just want to attract the girl I like and keep her. Never happened. So not one thing I have experienced meets what you looking for. The closest thing I have had is this girl who likes me now (but I can't have cause we in different countries but we met in person before I left): she sent me the song "all I have to do is dream" by everly brothers cause she dreams of me. Something so small and so common means the world to me.

  • I don't really get anything out of the whole romance thing, it's mostly to keep women happy. The only thing that springs to mind is with an ex. We were downtown one one of our first dates, walking down a historic neighborhood. Laughing, a little tipsy, and suddenly it started to rain. He looked around quickly and found a nearby alcove, and hustled us both into it. We were pressed together, a little breathless, and she looked into my eyes suddenly with that look. The one that says, I want you. And we kissed.


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