Girl says I'm to good for her and she can't be with me (joking) ?

Been seeing a girl for a month and last night we where talking and she asked me about the thing I'm good at, told her a few things like welding, I have a class a, street bikes and so on. Then after that she sayd oh wow you are good at a lot... Sorry we can't be together. I said yes we can, then she says sorry you have no choice in this and I was yes I do and we are sorry. Then she left it at that. Then before she asked what I was good at she asked why I liked her and I could do a lot better, told her I really cared about her and that she makes me happy. Like she is putting her self down or am I over thinking it?


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  • She isn't interested in dating you. But instead of saying that, she's using an excuse. A woman won't reject dating a guy that she actually likes, for any reason.


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