Nervous, don't want to lose him:( ? Please help?

So me and this guy have been dating for about 2 and a half months and we had a serious talk last night regarding a few things that I did over the past couple weeks that I felt just wasn't the best. For example we got super drunk and I made him nervous by wanting to drive home (that wasn't cool) I've been klutzy lately but above all he felt like I didn't reciprocate at all on Valentine's day. I got him tickets to see one of my fav singers and he got me all this cutesy stuff and he didn't like my gift at all and he said it "turned him off" from me a lot. He's been distant ever since and that's why we talked... He tells me "I shouldn't have to tell you why I'm upset you should already know" and after prying him to tell me he said "I feel like I do a lot for you and put more into this relationship than you do. I feel like you don't care and that you're just "along for the ride"". Which I'm still very confused but I love him and I really want to make things better. He said we'll give it another shot but right now he's very skeptical and I am kicking myself so hard because I do care about him I guess I realize I don't show it enough or reciprocate it enough which I never wanted to do, so how do I make this better? What are some ways I can show I truley care because I don't want to lose him. :(


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  • Drunk driving is a wrong answer. Don't endanger yourself, the man you love, or others with that foolishness. People die because of drunk drivers.

    And who cares if you didn't reciprocate on Valentine's Day? Reciprocation has no place in romantic relationships; that's something for business relationships. Give 100% and expect him to do the same.

    If he's not willing to talk about why he's upset, how can you fix it? Both of you have to be willing to communicate openly no matter how you feel.

    Here's something you should try: Ask him what you've done over the course of your relationship that's really made him feel loved. See, people express love and feel loved for different reasons.

    Some people like to be praised. Some people like it when others do things for them or buy them gifts. Others like it when you spend time with them, and still others like physical affection. Nearly everyone likes some combination of the above.

    I was in an eight-month relationship where both of us spent the entire time shouting how much we loved each other, but didn't hear each other because we weren't speaking the same language. She liked doing things with me and spending time with me, while I liked physical affection and praise.

    Our relationship failed not because neither one of us cared, but because we couldn't show it in a way that the other person understood.

    Find out what makes him feel loved and heap that stuff on him. Good luck!


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  • 2 and a half months? id just call it quits to be honest. if its not working now, it won't work later on

    • But we care about eachother and it takes work sometimes we can't just give up on eachother

  • To be honest, he's acting like the woman in the relationship. Awe, the poor boy didn't like the tickets you got, what a spoiled inconsiderate little suck. I'm sorry, but people like him irritate me.

    If little things like you mentioned are starting to bother him after a couple months, you're in for one hell of a ride down the road. You want to know how to make it better? Make him the center of the universe

  • So basically stop being a bish and show some affection, that's all a guy really wants.


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