Why doesn't he ask questions in his texts?

He replied instantly - I mean within seconds - to any text I send him. But he doesn't ask any questions. Why is that? Is that a sign he's not interested? Should I just not text him?


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  • Replying instantly is a good sign. If he wanted you to stop he'd tell you or never reply. Some guys aren't talkers via text so dont read into it. Call him or talk in person to know. Text is too one dimensional to know for sure. My guy talks up a storm in person. In text its very short and I do all the talking lol its just how he is.


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  • if he is socially intelligent, it DOES indicate that he has no interest.
    if you want to cut off a conversation with someone, you stop imploring and let the dialogue fade away naturally. sounds like you're not letting it fade away despite his wishes.

    you could be incredibly blunt and just ask him.

  • Maybe he doesn't like to have conversations over texts