He is acting distant/different?

This guy and I hung out every second last week, were moving fast, and were very open about really caring about each other. Recently, he has not been wanting to hang out. I even mentioned it, and when he usually is open to seeing me whenever, he made up an excuse not to and didn't try to make new plans or put in effort.

I'm started to deeply like him and i don't want to get hurt. He's usually super open about how he feels, seeing me, etc, but now I feel weird. There was a weird thing that happened with a coworker flirting with him so I am also worrying he likes someone else.

SHould I just back out now becuase it's a red flag? or ask him about it?


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  • Maybe he feels he was moving to fast with you and that he doesn't want you to think he's too clingy. So he decided to back off a little. its that whole game playing thing we all play. It's like these little test that we all do. If I were home that's what I'd be doing. Because experience has taught me that if "I appear clingy to her then she will no longer be interested". So I say just wait it out a couple of days or weeks. See how it goes but I think that's what he's doing.

    • He has expressed that. he told me the other night that he doesn't want me to get sick of me than assures me that he loves being with me and misses me when i'm not around.. but then i'll mention hanging out and he'll get all weird which is frustrating.

    • Hm well it could be that he doesn't know what he wants or another girl is in the picture that's he's interested in. I would just wait till he contacts you. Don't text him or anything. Some guys are afraid of losing women. So they want to stay in touch with you just incase it doesn't work out with the other girl he wants. Not saying that is the case but it could be. The same goes for each gender. I've been in the same situation before. but if I were you just let him contact you. If that makes sense.

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  • I was in this kind of situation last week, that guy I was in a deep conversation with stopped talking and texting me. He avoided me.
    I would say that it is a red flag. Don't ask him anything, just don't talk with him. Ignore him. If he really likes you, he will find time for you and show how much he cares about you. :)

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