When I ask to hang out last minute/same day?

i was in a bad mood and wanted him to see me. i gave him like a two hour window to show up before i left the library... and he got back to me with

"he would but he already has some plans with friends/"

i almost feel like going 5pm not am, im off to gym now.


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  • I'm not quite sure what you're looking for since your post is a bit vague, but I'd say just let it go. Only if he is not attentive enough to you should you seek to fix this issue.

    • he's an ex, i wanted to see him because i was upset over something. i dont know if i was blown off... if i was thats fine, i won't ever ask him again.

    • i understand i was being selfish and just trying to get my needs met. i had no intentions of seein ghim until i was upset

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