What should I do?

SO basically: There is a guy with whom I was very close with, and he liked me at the time we were close but i didn't feel the same way for him.. Then we had quite a serious fallout and completely lost contact ( and then of course I started to have feelings for him). They were on and off ranging from totally in love to total hate for like 6 months and in the last month we sort of patched thing up and now we are talking again and he is dropping hints he wants to ask me out... My family think he is a bad influence but i genuinely have feelings for him.. ( i think)
This would have all been fine, if this other guy (who is quite inconveniently my best friend) didn't admit he had feelings for me... I also wasn't sure about my feelings towards him and we kissed etc but i didn't feel that 'spark'... But this guy my family really likes and he gets on really well with them..
And what is really annoying is that these two guys hatteee each other.. like they only just tolerate being in each others presence..
My question is what should I do? Go with my best friend or with the other guy? I don't want to lose my friendship with my best friend because we are obviously not gonna get married and things can go quite pear shaped when people start to date, and i don't have any proper feelings for him..
But won't it seem really harsh that as soon as my best friend tells me he has feelings for me I start to go with the guy he hates? Any help would be much appreciated because i can't talk to anyone about this that I know because me and my best friend agreed we would keep this secret...


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  • What does your heart want?

    • I've always had this infatuation with the first guy.. But I really really don't want to hurt my best friend:(

    • The heart wants what it wants trust me just talk to your best friend about it tell him how you feel, cause your best friend can't hold a grudge over this you can't have control over who you are attracted too and have feelings for he just has to deal with it

    • But the thing is I've told him before that i don't like this guy and etc... (obviously sour grapes to help me get over him), won't he think Im a total idiot if i go and tell him that I do like that guy? Do you reckon he will feel betrayed?
      (btw sorry for asking so many questions- you don't have to answer them, its just I'm so confused right now!:( )

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  • Go with your heart, anyone can tell you what they think you should do! But only you can do what is right for you! This may bot be helpful to you, but all i'm saying is to follow your heart!

    • Thank you! This may just gives me the confidence i need:) Thank you again!!

    • Yout welcome😘

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