He told my friend he doesn't like me, but he seems like he does?

Okay so i really like this guy (Maybe even love) i have liked him for a while now. He always stares at me, and he blushes when i walk by him! His friends and older brother is always pointing him out to me! My BFF saw him at sonic talking to his mom and he said he liked me. But he told her that it never happened (she pretended like someone else heard him say it) she also asked if he liked me... But he said no! He still stares at me and he still blushes around me! A few weeks ago I was standing on the trampoline at gymnastics plus and he was walking by and his brother and his bestfriend ran up and pushed him in to me and he fell on me then we went backwards into the pit, and he was so embarresesd and he got mad at his brother qnd his friend. And a few days later i was working the snack bar and there gym class was over (He is a gymnast) him and his brother and his friend were standing by the snack bar waiting for there parents to come pick them up. I heard a lound noise and i turned around to see him laying on the floor by the door to the snack bar blushing then yelled stop at them. He is really shy and we rarely talk in person, we mainly talk on ig! I normally get over my crushes easily, but he is different! I can't get him out of my mind! We are both so shy! Im scared to tell him because im nervous that this was all a missunderstanding and he will laugh at me!! I have almost told him so many times and then chickened out! Please give me advice!
Thanks for taking your time to read this!


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  • Well, I think you answered your own question. You said he's shy. If he is he may be scared of admiting that he also likes you and he denied it. I don't mean he likes you, but after reading what you said I do consider this possibility.

    Even if you're shy, I'd tell you to go after him. You don't need to say you like him right away, just try to be closer from him from now on and make him feel more comfortable around you first. Just do something, it's better doing than regretting later for not having done.

  • if he doesn't he doesn't take his word over your preceptions


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