What is your ideal type?

What personality traits and physical features do you look for?


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  • I'm glad I made a copy/paste for a lot of the frequent questions here.

    To be highly specific:

    -slightly younger than me
    -slightly shorter than me
    -B cup breasts
    -Blonde hair, long
    -green or blue eyes
    -doesn't like pop or rap
    -likes bands like Cake, RATM, Disturbed, E Street Band, The Rat Pack, Nightwish
    -likes the movie "The Last Castle"
    -plays an instrument (I play trumpet, it'd be nice if she could read music as well)
    -"Nerdy", for fuck sake I play WoW.
    -Must be a dog person
    -Not a republican

    Also, cute>hot

    Though honestly, to put it as simply as it can get, I'm looking for is a girl who is my best friend before anything else. And yeah, I have a list of preferences and likes/dislikes, but for her to become my best friend most of those are going to be met.

    "All we want is somebody we can fight with like crazy and then have the kind of make-up sex that makes your left side go numb. Somebody who'll go to court for you and lie. Somebody who makes you horny even after they have puked in your car. Love. Somebody who you can be with for 65 or 70 years of your life so that at the end of the life, you're sitting on that porch of the house you bought together. And you're old, wrinkly, smelly, and poop through a hole in your side. And she's old, wrinkly, smelly, and can't remember your name. She just keeps calling you "the nice man". But you're still in love, and you're holding hands. And as you gaze into each other's milky cataract-filled eyes, your hearts well up, explode, and you both die."
    - Christopher Titus.


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  • All right ill volunteer. Well i honestly dont really pay attention to the physical if the personality won't function properly. I dont care what color. size, or shape a woman is as long as she doesn't exhibit traits of a snob, bad manners, behavior or thinks she's better than everyone and treats others poorly than were good.

    As to the physicality of the preference i like Plus Size women because of their personalities as well as their body. Off course this is also due to the fact that when i was overweight skinny girls treated me the worse and now that im in shape with abs and biceps its another story.

    Hope my answer helped

  • I don't like to have a preconceived picture. I want the beauties of the world to surprise me.

  • u baby only u thats what you always say to any girl because truthfully no one is ever perfect enough

  • lots of smiling, lirty, kind, nice with everyone, sexy attitude, thin nice lips great big eyes, nice body


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  • Ethnicity: anything really but white and hispanic seem to be what I usually go for
    Eyes: brown or blue
    Hair: blonde or brown
    Personality: funny and smart
    Good at sports
    Has dimples
    Likes music

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