Unusual dates? Been taken on one? Take someone on one? Did you go out or stay in? What did you do?

After being out of the dating pool for a couple decades, I was a bit rusty with my dating skills (note: I now advocate dating forever - long term relatioship, marriage - whatever, don't stop doing fun things - just the two of you). Anyway, I have been enjoying trying at new things with my SO and it got me to wondering, how many do usual, fun, or different / non standard things for dates? What have you tried that you did or did not enjoy? I have found an even deeper attraction when we experience new things together. How has your experience been?


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  • We spent a few nights at a haunted hotel in Bisbee, Arizona (old ghost town) on a Friday the 13th weekend! Neither of us are very superstitious, really, so it was just for fun. But it was kind of spooky. I loved it, and was holding onto him the whole time! Lol We also went and saw his college team play in the Sugar Bowl, and that was exciting. We are going sky diving when the weather warms up a bit. But probably our all-time favorite activity to do together is camping. There is something very romantic about sitting in front of a campfire talking and laughing, and knowing that we are about to go and have exciting, awkward kinky fun in a tiny tent.

    • Those all sound like terrific ideas. Good to have the go-to's like camping and to mix it up (on Friday the 13th no less, nice) occasionally. Thanks for sharing!

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