How to get over that fear of rejection?

Recently single, my ex cheated on me. We were together for 4 years etc etc

Anyways I'm putting myself out there, and hopefully will go on a few dates, I do not want to do the online dating scene, so I need to work on my courage to talk to the attractive women on campus. How should one approach? And how to get over the fear of Rejection


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  • well first up I'm sorry to hear this happened to u.

    second, props to u for not turning to online dating, but i encourage u not to look for dates just for the sake of it. remember only to put urself out there when u feel ready to love again. dont force anything. also, dont just think of the attractive women. while i understand physical attraction is important, dont rule out anyone else because of the way they look. it's not fair at all.

    when u do decide ur in a good place, u can approach a woman by not coming off as a perv or creep, but someone who just wants company. dont start off with a compliment, as weird as it sounds. saying 'hi', smiling or asking if u can join her [if she's alone] is just fine.
    you'll only get rejected if u think a woman is some kind of object or prize that ur trying to win. if ur really a good man with good intentions, then you'll want to win her mind, and eventually you'll win her heart.


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  • Let it come naturally. A lot of girls don't like being approached publicly because it puts them on the spot. Try talking to someone in some of your classes and building rapport.


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  • If you like a girl in one of your classes, you can form a study group with her. Remember, It could be worse; you could be Asian and that would make your dating pool a lot smaller.

  • Very easy bro.


    Just practice approaching women and countering objections. Have a VERY simple pick up line. I recommend this:

    You: Hey you know what

    Her: What?

    You: We should go on a date sometime.

    Now counter objections. Super fucking easy man. Your confidence will sky rocket and you will get chicks when ever you feel like it in any situation.

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