If you found out he was planning a relationship before even getting your number would it freak you out?

There's a girl I'm crushing on. I have been planning in my mind all these hypothetical dates I want to take her on, and daydreaming about holding hands, cuddling, and stuff. If you found out a guy did all this before even getting your number would you think it was sweet or be weirded out?


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  • Long story short... Yes.

    • It would creep you out?

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    • True but its hard to stay out of your head sometimes. Thanks for the advice though.

    • No worries and good luck on your endeavors.

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  • It doesn't *sound* all that weird but when you're the focus of those daydreams it's pretty creepy. You don't even know her yet. What if she doesn't like any of the things you want to do? Ask her out or move on.


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