Which sounds better for a first date?

Which sounds the most fun and gives the least pressure?

  • Dinner or lunch and a casual restaurant
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  • A more expensive dinner
    Vote B
  • A romantic dinner by water
    Vote C
  • Salsa or swing dancing
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Most Helpful Girl

  • ok cool=]

    a casual restaurant sounds good.
    i wouldn't go more expensive- keep it simple.
    the dinner by the water sounds great
    im torn about the last one, because is sounds SO fun but the girl will undoubtedly feel then pressure to dance well, even if she tries to hide it by acting like a dork:P

    so ill say either A or C. get some good conversation going and chill.


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  • For me, anything outdoorsy is great and lets me breathe and have fun while getting to know you, i don't really love going to resterants or anywhere with lots of people really

  • Anything but salsa dancing O_o

    • Why it's fun lol I'm all about teaching and only expect to have fun.

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    • That's hilarious I'd love to see someone bust out the robot in the middle of salsa lol

    • Ahahaha it sounds cool but trust me, you wouldn't want to be subjected to the torture that is watching me dance.

  • Most fun, salsa. Least pressure, casual restaurant.


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