Girl do u care what a guy has?

I don't spend all my life savings on luxuries. Which is 60 k. And my asset is a 05 modified wrx sti. Which I bought with cash . Now a woman wouldn't think I'm successful because I save money well. Plus motocross bike

But she will think a guy is successful because he finances a a new car please. He's probably poorer than me haha


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  • Honestly money does matter to me. Love doesn't pay the bills. So I do care. For me he doesn't have to be super rich and buys unnecessary luxuries. I'd be happy with the occasional gift and pays the bills on time and has no debt. But he has to be able to have a loving personality. Also , he has to know how to take care of me because I do like to spend money. I'm being completely honest.

    • So where I'm at in life with no debt.. Is a plus for woman. Cool

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    • Having wealthy parents helps.. To a extent

    • Oh well everyone isn't as fortunate.

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  • Nope don't care how much exactly, but i need a guy who can take care of himself and that's independent. Mostly i prefer not to discuss the money thing at all as it's none of my business.

  • I care :p

    But I don't like it when guys brag about the stuff they have.

    My dad is a chemical engineer and we live in the Middle East. It's common sense that engineers who work in the Middle East are payed more than engineers who work in certain other parts of the world. So it's not like I could be happy with a cashier.

  • I dont think money makes you more or less attractive I mean yes maybe money could buy a larger health but thats it. Personality beats money by far

  • Money never mattered to me - what is important to me is attraction, how we connect with each other and how he makes me feel.

    • The point the question is if I don't show ofv my wealth she won't see me successful which iam

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    • I have both of those qualities. Looks and money

    • So attract the with who you are and surprise them with the money later on. Hey some girl down voted me for saying I prefer a guy I connect with rather than the money... I guess the think is, I got my own money so I look for an attractive guy that I just love being with

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