Whats a guys dream girl? whats a girls dream guy?

whats a guys dream girl? whats a girls dream guy? do looks really matter or are they just a bonus? is there a such thing as being too smart? tell us about your dream partner.


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  • Dream girl is average in looks, BONUS: if Asian ( Korean or japanese, ) white (Canadian), or American, hight mus be shorter than me, Like 4'8 to 5'4. her age must be 18 to 35, she has to be average or skinny, butt can be flat but not fat. Chest can't be above c ( though I don't mind if it's a d but c and below will do.) hair color can be dark blue or black or brown, eyes, any color, she must do what it takes understand others and not just herself and her personality must be laid back and not hard to get. I think I touched the minor detail.


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  • My dream girl is like cute !!!👀

  • i like white girls that are funny, cute, kind, and loves playing video games!


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