Online dating: what would trigger a guy to message a girl? Guys do you have a standard or preference?

Do guys have a standard or preference when messaging girls or is it out of desperation like 'I'll message 10 and hopefully get 2 replys?'

  • I message girls I'm attracted to (I have high standards)
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  • I message average looking girls ( more likely to get a reply)
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  • I'm desperate, just need a reply at this point
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  • Men do suffer from a low reply rate, so many wind up spamming messages just to get a reply and hopefully *a* date. According to the article here...

    ... on average men get one reply in 25 messages sent while women get one reply in 5. That's based on Are You Interested's numbers, but from what I've read the numbers are similar elsewhere.

    I'm more discerning. I only message women I believe I could see myself with based on their pics, profile, and interests. I have never gotten a reply. :P


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  • When I was on there, I messaged the ones I thought were pretty, and had a well written profile, but I avoided the ones that seemed like they were too full of themselves and were just there for attention. If guys spam everyone with empty messages saying "hi" they're just burning themselves out.

  • Im relatively an attractive guy, so I'm looking for girls that are a little bit more attracted than me. And ill usually message those girls

    • I'm would call myself average at best, started online date got like 12 messages today, I find it hard to believe all these guys can be attracted to me.

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    • Yeah it's shocking, my head just got bigger. Lol.

    • Id get that checked out by a doctor

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