Should I (20/M) keep trying to win her (25/F) over or wait?

So the other day at work I was asked to pick up some liquid nitrogen from the gas company which was cool with me since I got to go for a nice drive.

When I turn up to the counter I see this beautiful woman there and we talk a little bit and I made her laugh since I didn't have the right documents and had to call up my boss and stuff.

When we were outside and she was pouring the nitrogen into my canister we got talking a bit more and flirted a little more so I thought fuck it, ill ask her if she wants to grab a drink sometime.

Now this is where the sucky part happened, she explained to me that she just got out of a relationship and wanted some alone time (which I can respect) and maybe in a month or two. But she also said that I know where to find her and she works Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays. So stupid me gave her my number instead of asking for hers and then I left to go back to work.

So I thought I would try and be cool or sumshit and decided to send her some roses just to brighten her day on Friday but i'm not sure if that backfired since I didn't really hear back from her but oh well.

Anyway im kind of undecided on if I should let her be for a month (risk her forgetting all about me) or try and chase her up for a date sooner.

TL;DR tried asking a beautiful girl out but said she need some alone time, should I wait or keep at it? completely out of my depth here lol.


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  • You messed up. You made yourself look like your a clingy type of guy and that scares girls. She just needed a friend for now but sending here roses was a bad, bad mistake.