Who has recovered after coming on too strong?

Just curious, to the people that came on too strong and found themselves in limbo, did they recover from the situation?


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  • Yes, when I met my current significant other, we started as just friends... After only two weeks, I started having stronger feelings for him. I flirted with him heavily. He somehow did not pick up on this. Two months passed and by then I was completely in love with him. I kissed him goodbye one day. He was flattered and pleasantly surprised, but because he was much older than me was questioning the age gap. My feelings for him were at the time much more intense than his and being the passionate, romantic that I am could not contain my feelings at all. I did not hold back at all. He told me we were moving too fast for him. For a while after he insisted that we would only ever be friends. We still flirted with each other, shared our deepest thoughts and desires. Around Thanksgiving, things progressed quickly back into a romantic relationship. We are closer and stronger than ever now. He is my best friend, true love and soul mate. He just needed more time than I did to realize it.

    • Yeah, nice one :) I came on strong with someone and got the whole, I am having a existential life crisis and too confused to date anyone right now speech, so I just completely backed away and gave them their space, just wondering how much damage I did

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    • Yeah , exactly what I think too, I'm not going to press her or anything, just stay friendly when I see her and let it be. It's win/win she comes around or I find something better haha

    • Good luck to you!

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  • Girls aren't big on giving second chances

    • If they are interested, you always get a second chance, look how many couples get back together, even when the man cheats