Help me get a girl?

broke up from 3 year relationship 2 months ago. she had a friend that i met once or twice and she was outstanding. So I've been keen on her

We met once or twice when i was with the ex. I've messaged her via Facebook & it was leading somewhere

Then at a stupid hour, i poured out way too much maybe loneliness or jargon that comes from the pains of seperation thatd id been facing from getting over the ex. it allowed an unnecessary darkness i was going through at the time to be told to the new girl

getting over relationships you go through some strange behaviors & i allowed the new girl to catch a glimpse of that (bad move)

the next day the new girl sent out the usual scared off message "hi you're really nice but dont think i want to pursue the relationship further" response

so now I've left her alone, i did send her a manly strong message correcting the nature of my stupid messages. i think she understands & deep down she can tell im a big strong attractive male, its just now i have painted a dark ugly point on a journey that was going good

Is this correctable? How could i dazzle her in a way that the fun journey is restored & that stupid hour is forgotten?

Also Im also waiting for my stupid hair to grow back after shaving it all off so i kinda dont want her to see me just yet, and im short on money for a while cos im paying rent in 2 different places. i like to leave it for 1 to 2 months but she might get with someone else, but in a month or 2 i will be back to my superstar self and will be irresistible again

i should just leave it until then yeah & say hello in a month or so?


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  • No leave it alone and pour your heart out to someone other than the opposite sex who you are attracted to.