I can't get over what he said?

2 months before we started dating i posted on a rating looks page and anonymously he said he didn't like my legs and wouldn't look twice at them. my body is quite horrible i agree. we didn't know each other back then and he told me about it randomly and i got upset and of course he regreted telling me but now he says my legs are beautiful and that are his fav body part of mine. he also said he likes girls with shapely thighs but i am not like that, i am petite but he says he likes petite girls. i don't really believe him. why is he still with me? even if we are a perfect match if he doesn't like my looks it won't work. he says i'm perfect but i can't forget what he said. he said he was depressed back then and that's why he told me those things to hurt me but even when we try to hurt people we somehow tell the truth... i'm so depressed:( i feel like it won't work because of my stupid looks


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  • Maybe he said it becauee your legs are nice and he wanted to knock your confidence as he has none and wanted to act like a dick.

    • he said the pics i sent of my legs were crap... i mean not good pics

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    • no.. he is not a creep

    • @asker just because he likes legs doesn't mean he is a creep. And if he did have a thing for legs doesn't mean he would tell you about it ;)

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