Where to take him on a first date and make the first move?

I want to ask him out but not in a noticeable way. maybe after college like 2 pm so any ideas of how to ask him and where to take him... somewhere exciting? P. S. we never talked face to face just chatted and said hi a couple of times in college that's it. Any ideas?


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  • Just go to em ask him hey you got some time
    Mind if we chat a bit
    He's says yes
    Then try to take the conversation towards may be an ice cream coffe or something amd just you know what to do...

    • what to do? lol I really don't know I wanna make a move but at the same time I don't wanna make it obvious cause if I got rejected.

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    • Not sometimes but right now*

    • Got it ;) thank you

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  • Since y'all don't have a builded up relationship I would recommend to go to a panera bread to" study "but actually to build a bond , or somewhere like a Dave and busters to have fun . Then after go to a movie to kind of get into the type of flirty mood,